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Water ExtinguisherWater Extinguisher
Supplied in 6 litre and 9 litre.
Water is the traditional antidote to fire but is limited in its use. Only covering A Class Fire Risks it is not suitable for any other class of fire, such as flammable liquids or electrical.

Foam ExtinguisherFoam Extinguisher
Large size range including 2, 3, 6 and 9 litre.
The AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) extinguisher or better known as FOAM is the most popular of the modern extinguisher agents. It is ideally suited for A Class and B Class fire risks. Its unique formula spreads over the fire to form a barrier, offering fast and effective fire knock down power, well suited for Offices, Schools, Shops etc, and where there is a flammable liquid fire risk.

Powder ExtinguisherDry Powder Extinguisher
Large range of sizes including 1, 2, 4, 6 and 9Kg.
The Powder extinguisher is the most universal of the range, covering A Class, B Class, C Class and Electrical risks. It has the fastest fire knock down power and is ideally suited for generators, flammable liquids, gas containers and is also suitable for kitchens and vehicles (small and large), as well as many other uses. Powder does have its limits and wouldn't be recommended for use in IT rooms, Schools or Care homes.

CO2 ExtinguisherCO2 Extinguisher
Main sizes are 2 or 5Kg but other sizes are available.
Intended for use on electrical and flammable liquid risks, (B Class), the CO2 extinguisher doesn't contaminate electrical equipment making it ideally suited for the modern office environment, and with so many of us having computers, printers, laptops, games consoles and an endless list of electrical appliances around the home, a CO2 extinguisher could be an ideal solution for your electrical fire risks.

Wet Chemical ExinguisherWet Chemical Extinguisher
Usually supplied in 6 litre versions, but 3 litre versions are available.
There are always potential risks in kitchens, catering outlets or anywhere there are flammable cooking oils and fats. Special risks can be from deep fat fryers that can flare up in an instant, the Wet Chemical extinguisher is specially designed for such risks, (A Class and F Class). An important key fact of the Wet Chemical extinguisher is the unique nozzle applicator which enables the user to apply the agent from 3-4 metres' away from the fire, greatly reducing danger from the eruptive nature of burning oils and fats.


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